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Rhino Wood Repair is a leading provider of innovative wood restoration solutions designed to revive and fortify damaged wood surfaces. Our array of products encompasses Wood Repair Kits, Rhino PreTreat, and specialized RWR Putty and Liquids, all crafted with a singular purpose: to restore wood to its former glory. These products are meticulously formulated to address a wide range of wood damage, including decay, scratches, and structural weaknesses. With a commitment to quality, durability, and ease of use, Rhino Wood Repair empowers individuals, contractors, and woodworking enthusiasts alike to breathe new life into their cherished wooden assets, ensuring lasting transformations that withstand the test of time.

The Challenge

Damaged Wood

In the initial stage of our wood restoration process, all wood rot and decay needs to be removed to make room for Rhino PreTreat before application.

Rhino PreTreat


Application of Rhino Wood Repair

Pre wet the wood to open pores, then add Rhino PreTreat, wait an hour, then apply a second time. Leave to dry (allocate more time depending on size of the repair). Then, mix and apply liquid A and B and while wet, add wood putty.

RWR Restoration Putty


Final Result

As the Rhino Wood Repair products cure and the transformation unfolds, the wooden beam emerges revitalized and rejuvenated. Witness the remarkable change as damaged wood gives way to renewed strength, durability, and aesthetics.

Wood Repair Kit

What Makes it the Best on the Market?

Our products stand as the pinnacle of excellence in the market, offering unrivaled durability that outshines competitors by 2-5 times. You can finally say goodbye to frequent repairs by chosing Rhino Wood Repair for an enduring solution that preserves and fortifies your wood, surpassing all other alternatives in quality and longevity.

Dealing With Wood Rot?

Uncover the ultimate solution to combat wood rot with Rhino Wood Repair. Our exclusive line of products are crafted to address the challenges of wood decay head-on. Our formulations ensure unparalleled effectiveness in restoring and preserving your valuable wood assets. Trust Rhino Wood Repair for reliable and long-lasting results that exceed expectations.

Wood Rot Treatment

Meet the Owner

Robin Pixner, a seasoned chemist and visionary entrepreneur, boasts over two decades of invaluable experience in the industry. As the founder and owner of Stellchem, the parent company of Rhino Wood Repair system, he has been a driving force in revolutionizing wood repair and restoration solutions.

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Why Choose Our Wood Repair Products?

When seeking the best product to repair rotted wood, Rhino Wood Repair stands as the ultimate solution. Our range of products, including Wood Repair Kits, Rhino PreTreat, and specialized RWR Putty and Liquids, offers a comprehensive approach to addressing rotted wood damage. Engineered with precision and effectiveness in mind, Rhino Wood Repair not only repairs rotted wood but also reinforces its structural integrity for long-lasting results.

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How Does Rhino Wood Repair Work?


How do I use the Rhino PreTreat product?

In the initial stage starts with all wood rot and decay needing to be removed before application of Rhino PreTreat. Next, ensure wood is wet to open pores, then add Rhino PreTreat, wait an hour, then apply a second time. Leave time to dry (more time should be allocated to dry based on how big the repair job is). Mix and pour liquid A and B and while that is wet, add wood putty to finish.

Should I apply a couple applications of the Rhino PreTreat?

Yes, apply a coat and let it sit for an hour, then add the next and allow to dry before doing an actual repair. It usually depends on the environmental condition during the application.

What is the purpose of the Rhino PreTreat product?

Rhino PreTreat is formulated with effective active ingredients that penetrate deep into the wood fibers, enhancing its structural integrity and prolonging its lifespan. It contains adhesion promoters that draw in the mixed liquid A & B epoxy deeper into the wood. When applying coatings, it will draw any clear to opaque coatings deeper in to your wood. It stabilizes the wood ph levels, which extends the life of the wood.

When Applying PreTreat, does the decayed/damaged area have to be dry?

Yes. The area has to be completely dry and free of water and moisture.

What temperature is recommended to use the liquid A and Liquid B product?

It is recommended to use product when temperatures are above 13°C (55°F). Liquid A and  B should be at room temperature.

How do I prepare the wood surface?

Scrape away loose paint/stain with a scraper. Sand if necessary. Remove any decayed or damaged wood. Remove any grease, oil, dirt or other debris from area to be repaired. If necessary drill additional 3/8” or 1/2” holes a couple of inches from area to be repaired to apply additional Rhino PreTreat product. Ensure area is dry and clean before actual repair (at least 24 hours).

Do I wait until mixed liquid is hard before I fill repair with putty?

The putty needs to be applied to the mixed wet surface. If it hardens before you put the putty, re-apply the liquid A&B and then putty.

Do I need to add more than one coating of mixed liquid to the damaged wood area?

If you have missed or if you are unable to take out all of the damaged wood, the remaining damaged wood will aggressively absorb the mixed liquid. It may be required to add second coating of mixed liquid. We recommend you wait 5-20 minutes before applying another coating to ensure surface is wet for adhesion to putty.

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