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Rhino-PreTreat Technical Data sheet
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Rhino-PreTreat is a pre-treatment product for supporting, preparing, cleaning and promoting adhesion to a variety of surfaces prior to priming, coating, painting, and filling. It is an ideal and critical pre-treatment step  prior to doing your permanent wood repair. The Rhino Wood Repair® system is a complete system that cleans, treats, conserves and protects your wood.

Rhino-PreTreat contains no solvents and no VOCs.

Rhino-PreTreat is the first step used in the Rhino Wood Repair® system for wood rot repair, to make sure the wood is properly prepared prior to a permanent repair.

Slowly absorbs into the wood through moisture and will eventually penetrate throughout the wood helping in the Rhino Wood Repair® system maintain structural integrity of lignin.

Protective Barrier:
The Rhino Wood Repair® system provides a protective deterrent/barrier for wood.

Coverage will depend on type of wood, direction of grain, and moisture level of wood.

Pretreatment of surfaces:
Surfaces being repaired must be dry, clean and sound prior to repairing with Rhino Wood Repair® system.  Prior to the use of Rhino-PreTreat, surfaces may still require sanding, sandblasting, use of powered grinding tools or scrapers to remove all additional traces of dirt, oil, curing compound, mold release agent loose debris and disintegrated materials.

Keep containers closed until just before use. It is best to use products at a temperature above 12°C. Rhino-PreTreat can be applied at lower temperatures, however , absorption and evaporation rates will be slower.

Keep Rhino-PreTreat away from eyes and skin. Avoid breathing of vapors and use good ventilation.  Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves.


Flush immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes and obtain medical aid.

Clean skin with warm water and a soft soap.  Never use solvents to remove material from skin.