Liquid A & B Technical Data


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Our structural liquid A and B system is 100% solids containing no solvents or no VOCs having a room
temperature cure, slow gel time epoxy to be used in conjunction with our putty A and B system.


Structural Bond: Provides a permanent structural bond between putty and wood.P
Petrifing Properties: Petrifies any loose or weakened wood during the repair process returning structural integrity.
Protective Coating: Provides a protective water-proof coating to enhance water-resistance of any exposed wood.

Typical uncured properties

Gel time (ASTM D-2471):



One (1) kg covers approximately 4 to 5 m2 (43 to 54 ft2).

Typical cured properties

Minimum cure schedule for 16 hours @ 25°C


Pretreatment of surfaces

Surfaces being repaired must be dry, clean and sound. Use sandblasting, needle scalers, a powered grinding tool or scrapers to remove all traces of dirt, oil, curing compound, mold release agent and disintegrated materials.


  1. Mix liquid A only with liquid B.
  2. Do not use damaged or leaking containers.
  3. Premix liquid A and liquid B separately. Then place the hardener into the resin container according to the required 100:100 mixing ratio.
  4. Blend the liquid A and liquid B thoroughly using a stir stick by hand or paddle attached to a low speed heavy duty electric drill at 300-600 rpm. Continue to mix for a minimum of 2-3 minutes or until the mix becomes homogeneous.
  5. Never dilute with solvents.

Cleaning of tools

Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use Lysol.


Keep containers closed until just before use at a temperature above 15°C.


Keep liquid A and liquid B away from eyes and skin. Avoid breathing of vapors and use good ventilation. Like any reactive material, uncured resin and hardener may irritate sensitive skin. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves.


Flush immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes and obtain medical aid.
Clean skin with warm water and a soft soap. Never use solvents to remove material from skin