Putty A & B Technical Data


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Our structural putty A and putty B system is 100% solids containing no solvents or no VOCs having a room temperature cure, slow gel time epoxy to be used in conjunction with our liquid A and B system.


Structural: Provides a permanent structural repair to wood.
Other Properties: Easy to shape, sculpt, sand, paint, stain, nail, screw for a permanent water-proof repair.
Protective: Provides a protective water-proof repair preventing further rot and repair to any exposed wood.

Typical uncured properties


Gel time (ASTM D-2471)



One (1) kg covers approximately 4 to 5 m2 (43 to 54 ft2).

Typical cured properties

Minimum cure schedule for 16 hours @ 25°C


Pretreatment of surfaces

Surfaces being repaired must be dry, clean and sound. Use sandblasting, needle scalers, a powered grinding tool or scrapers to remove all traces of dirt, oil, curing compound, mold release agent and disintegrated materials.


  1. Mix putty A only with putty B.
  2. Do not use damaged or leaking containers.
  3. Premeasure putty A and putty B separately. Then place the hardener into the resin container according to the required 100:100 mixing ratio.
  4. Knead putty A and putty B thoroughly until a uniform yellow colour. Continue to knead for an additional 30-45 seconds.
  5. Never dilute with solvents.

Cleaning of tools

Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use vinegar or Lysol.


Keep containers closed until just before use at a temperature above 15°C.


Keep putty A and putty B away from eyes and skin. Like any reactive material, uncured putty A and putty
B may irritate sensitive skin. Wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves.


Flush immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes and obtain medical aid.
Clean skin with warm water and a soft soap. Never use solvents to remove material from skin