Complete Instructions

Rhino Wood Repair is the easy and fast process to make wood repairs from start to finish

Pre-treatment Instructions (Rhino-PreTreat)

Following these instructions for the best possible results.

  1. Identify the damaged area.
  2. Clean out and remove damaged and decayed wood.
  3. Spray or apply Rhino-PreTreat into and around area to be permanently repaired.
  4. It may be wise to drill 3/8”-1/2” holes around the damaged area. These should be 2” away from damaged area.
  5. Spray or pour Rhino-PreTreat into holes.
  6. After 60 minutes apply a second treatment with Rhino-PreTreat. Let sit for 24 hours before permanent repair.



Repair Instructions

Following these instructions for the best possible results.

  1. Always wear disposable nitrile gloves and safety glasses prior to your permanent repair. Ensure area to be repaired is completely dry and free of loose debris, grease, oil and contaminants.
  2. Take equal amounts of liquid A and liquid B. Mix thoroughly for 60 seconds with a stir stick.
  3. With a brush, apply mixed liquid onto surface of area being repaired (and drilled holes). Let product sit for 5-10 minutes. (The liquid will petrify any decayed or damaged wood that was missed. Also, it acts as a permanent adhesive between the wood and putty)
  4. Depending on the absorption into the wood, a second coating of mixed liquid may be required. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Wearing gloves, take equal amounts of putty A and putty B. Mix/knead thoroughly until a uniform yellow colour is reached. Ensure there are no white or yellow streaks are present. If streaks are present continue to mix thoroughly uniform colour is reached.
  6. Apply mixed putty into damaged area (and drilled holes). Ensure intimate contact between liquid coated areas.
  7. Let product cure. This can take 3-5 hours or longer depending on temperature and amount of putty applied. It may be recommended to let product sit for 24 hours.
  8. Wearing protective glasses and dust mask, sand permanent repair before painting or staining.
  9. If an additional repair is required on top of this repair, repeat steps 7 through 14.

Rhino-Pre Treat instructions

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Rhino-Pre Treat Instructions

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