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Rhino Wood Repair

Bulk Putty (1.0L) | Repairs up to 89 in3

Bulk Putty (1.0L) | Repairs up to 89 in3

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1.0L Bulk Putty for Wood

  • Permanent and Structural Wood Repair Kit for Homeowners and Contractors
  • Use on posts, door jambs, window sills, structural and decorative parts
  • Repair furniture, frames, boats, columns, floors, sculptures, antiques
  • Waterproof, fast-setting, easy to use, does not shrink
  • 3X times stronger than lumber
  • Nail, screw, drill, saw
  • Sculpt, shape, texture
  • Paint, stain, sand
  • Kit will repair up to 89 in3 (1460cm3)

1.0L Putty Kit Contains:

  • 1.0L (33.8 oz) Putty A
  • 1.0L (33.8 oz) Putty B

Benefits of Putty for Wood

Versatile Repair Solution

Multi-Functional: This wood putty serves as a versatile repair solution suitable for various applications such as posts, door jambs, window sills, furniture, frames, boats, and sculptures.

Structural and Decorative: Whether you're fixing structural parts like columns and floors or refinishing decorative elements like antiques, this putty offers a permanent and structural repair solution.

Durable and Easy to Work With

Strong and Long-Lasting: Once applied, the putty creates a repair that is waterproof and three times stronger than lumber, ensuring durability over time.

User-Friendly: Fast-setting and easy to use, it does not shrink upon drying, making it ideal for both homeowners and contractors.

Enhanced Repair Capabilities

Tool Compatible: Allows for standard woodworking operations post-application, including nailing, screwing, drilling, and sawing.

Creative Potential: Beyond basic repairs, this putty enables sculpting, shaping, and texturing, offering creative flexibility in restoration projects.

Seamless Finishing: Once dried, it can be painted, stained, or sanded to achieve a seamless finish, blending repairs seamlessly into the existing woodwork.

The Importance of Putty for Wood in Your Repair Process

When it comes to wood repair and restoration, using quality putty can make a significant difference in achieving durable, seamless results. Here are key reasons why putty is essential for your woodworking projects:

  1. Restores Structural Integrity
    Wood putty is designed to restore the structural integrity of damaged wood components such as posts, door jambs, window sills, furniture, and more. It fills in cracks, voids, and holes, reinforcing weakened areas and preventing further deterioration.
  2. Ensures Aesthetic Appeal
    Putty allows you to seamlessly repair and refinish wood surfaces, ensuring a flawless aesthetic finish. It can be shaped, textured, and sanded to match the original contours of the wood, providing a professional look that enhances the overall appearance of your project.
  1. Offers Versatile Application
    Whether you're a homeowner or a contractor, wood putty offers versatile application options. It can be used for both structural repairs and cosmetic touch-ups on various wood surfaces, including furniture, frames, boats, sculptures, and antiques.
  1. Facilitates Ease of Use
    Modern wood putties are formulated to be user-friendly, with fast-setting properties that simplify the repair process. They adhere well to wood surfaces, are easy to mold and shape, and can be manipulated with standard woodworking tools.
  1. Enhances Longevity and Durability
    Using high-quality wood putty ensures the longevity and durability of your repairs. Waterproof and resistant to shrinkage, a good wood putty creates a strong bond that withstands environmental factors and daily wear and tear.

  2. Supports Creative Freedom
    Beyond basic repairs, wood putty empowers creativity in woodworking projects. It allows for sculpting, shaping, and texturing, giving you the freedom to customize and enhance wood surfaces according to your design vision.


How is wood putty different from wood filler?
Wood putty and wood filler are similar products used for repairing wood, but they have distinct characteristics. Wood putty is typically a paste-like substance used for filling small holes, cracks, and imperfections in finished wood surfaces. It's often tinted to match wood colors and is ideal for cosmetic repairs. Wood filler, on the other hand, is a more solid material used to fill larger voids and gaps in unfinished wood before staining or painting.

How do I apply wood putty for repairs?

Applying wood putty is straightforward. Start by cleaning and preparing the damaged area by removing loose debris and ensuring the surface is dry. Use a putty knife to scoop out a small amount of putty and press it into the damaged area, ensuring it fills the void completely. Smooth out the excess putty with the knife, and allow it to dry according to the RWR product instructions. Once dry, sand the area lightly for a seamless finish. Wood putty can then be painted, stained, or sealed as needed.

Can wood putty be used for structural repairs?

While wood putty is suitable for filling holes and minor cracks, it's not intended for major structural repairs. For structural issues involving load-bearing components or large-scale damage, it's advisable to consult our team or use alternative methods such as epoxy or wood reinforcements.

Can wood putty be stained or painted after it's applied?

Yes, wood putty can be stained or painted once it has fully dried and cured. After applying the putty and allowing it to dry according to the RWR product instructions, you can sand the repaired area lightly to achieve a smooth finish. Then, depending on your project needs, you can apply wood stain or paint over the putty to match the surrounding wood colour and texture. Ensure the putty is fully dry and hardened before proceeding with staining or painting.

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