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Rhino Wood Repair

110 ml Liquid A/B

110 ml Liquid A/B

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110 mL Liquid Kit Contains:

  • 110 mL (4 oz) squeeze bottle of Liquid A
  • 110 mL (4 oz) squeeze bottle of Liquid B
  • Permanent and Structural liquid that reinforces, petrifies, and waterproofs wood
  • Re-strengthens and petrifies damaged wood fibres that are spongy, rotten and dried out
  • Permanently bonds wood to Rhino Wood Repair Putty
  • Use on posts, door jambs, window sills, structural and decorative parts.
  • Repair furniture, frames, boats, columns, floors, sculptures, antiques
  • Waterproof, fast-setting, easy to use, does not shrink
  • 3X times stronger than lumber
  • Nail, screw, drill, saw
  • Consumption requirements dependent on repair project
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