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Rhino Wood Repair

5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat

5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat

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Rhino PreTreat 5 Gallon Pail: Initiating Wood Restoration

  • A critical pre-treatment step to clean and prepare your wood before using the Rhino Wood Repair® system.
  • Engineered formula sprayed directly onto wood for deep penetration
  • The product is the first step which is part of the Rhino Wood Repair® system.
  • The Rhino Wood Repair® system eliminates wood as a food source for organisms by replacing your wood with a structural epoxy
  • Can be used on existing and new wooden components
  • Use on posts, door jambs, window sills, structural and decorative parts
  • Repair furniture, frames, boats, columns, floors, sculptures, antiques
  • Emits no volatile organic compounds
  • 5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat (Pail)

Rhino Wood Rot Treatment

Protecting and preserving wood surfaces from the damaging effects of rot and decay is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of any wooden structure. The Rhino Wood Rot Treatment is a powerful solution designed to combat wood rot, fortifying and safeguarding your wood surfaces for lasting durability.

5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat

The 5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat is a concentrated and highly effective wood rot treatment product, ideal for tackling large-scale projects or multiple applications. This generous quantity ensures that you have ample supply to treat and protect extensive areas of wood, providing long-lasting protection against rot, decay, and other forms of deterioration.

Benefits of Using Rhino Wood Rot Treatment

Effective Rot Prevention

The Rhino Wood Rot Treatment penetrates deep into the wood fibers, creating a protective barrier that prevents the growth and spread of rot-causing fungi and bacteria.

Strengthens Wood Fibers

In addition to its preventive properties, the treatment also fortifies and strengthens the wood fibers, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the treated surfaces.

Long-Lasting Protection

With its advanced formulation, the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment provides long-lasting protection, ensuring that your wooden structures remain safeguarded from rot and decay for years to come.

Versatile Application

Suitable for use on various types of wood, including furniture, floors, doors, and outdoor structures, the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment offers versatility in its application.

How to Use Rhino Wood Rot Treatment

  1. Prepare the wood surface by cleaning and removing any loose debris or existing rot.
  2. Dilute the Rhino PreTreat concentrate according to the instructions, ensuring proper dilution for optimal performance.
  3. Apply the diluted treatment solution to the prepared wood surface using a brush, roller, or sprayer, ensuring thorough coverage.
  4. Allow the treatment solution to penetrate and dry completely, following the recommended drying time.
  5. For optimal protection, consider applying additional coats or treatments as needed, based on the severity of the rot or environmental conditions.


How long does the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment last?

The duration of protection can vary depending on factors such as exposure to weather, moisture levels, and the severity of the rot. However, with proper application and maintenance, the treatment can provide long-lasting protection against rot and decay.

Can the wood rot treatment be used on both interior and exterior wood surfaces?

Yes, the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment is suitable for use on both interior and exterior wood surfaces, providing versatile protection against rot and decay.

Is the treatment safe for use around plants and landscaping?

The Rhino Wood Rot Treatment is formulated to be environmentally friendly and safe for use around plants and landscaping when applied according to the instructions.

How long should I wait before applying additional coats or treatments?

The recommended waiting time between applications may vary based on the specific product and environmental conditions. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal results.

Can the wood rot treatment be used in conjunction with other Rhino Wood Repair products?

Yes, the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment can be used in combination with other Rhino Wood Repair products, such as epoxy fillers and wood consolidants, for comprehensive wood restoration and protection.

About the Author

Developed by Robin Pixner, the Owner and Chemist at Stellchem, the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment is a testament to his 30+ years of experience in the field of chemistry and wood restoration.

With the Rhino Wood Rot Treatment, including the convenient 5 Gallon Rhino PreTreat option, you can confidently protect and preserve your wooden structures from the damaging effects of rot and decay, ensuring their longevity and structural integrity for years to come. For a list of our products on sale, view our product catalog here.

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