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Application of Putty

My Putty A or Putty B is a bit flakey or crumbly when I knead together, what do I do?

Continue mixing Putty A and Putty B together. When mixing, ensure all crumbly or flakey parts that drop off onto table are added to your mix. Again, please ensure equal parts of Putty A are added to equal parts of Putty B. Please be aware, this is not a failure of the structural integrity of the Rhino Wood Repair System but rather it may have become a bit messy.

Yes, sometimes the Putty A or Putty B can be a bit flakey or crumbly. This may be caused by exceeding the shelf life or exposure to cold temperatures or fluctuating temperatures. If necessary you can add a small amount of mixed liquid A & B to your mixed Putty A & B. This can ensure additional wetting out between the A & B Putty